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Jade Starling feat Lee Dagger - Insomniak (Chris Cox Club Mix - Tony Mendes Video Re-Edit) from Tony Mendes on Vimeo.

Jade Starling feat Lee Dagger - Insomniak
Chris Cox Club Mix
Tony Mendes Video Re-Edit 2013

Shot at the legendary High Hollow Mansion in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia.
This video opens up with the “Insomniak” game being delivered to Jade’s door after which she is followed around the house by a mysterious eyeball from the game that is trying to capture her.
Shot by Letter 8 Media in association with Rebel Productions. This video features an amazing “Go Pro” camera effect utilizing a 5 story spiral staircase.
Hair styled by Kat Dahlgren, Make-up by Julie Weiss Schwartz/Beauty 101, wardrobe and styling by Lip Service LA and Crash Bang Boom Philly, I want to give a very special thanks to Vittoria & Ken Schutz for letting us use their beautiful home and all of my kickstarter supporters!! This video wouldn’t have been possible without you.

Special thanks to my dance troop “Point Blank” Shout outs to Hermann “The Apostle”, Jeff Manosca, Jim Green, Nick Cox, Patti Andrews, Whey Cooler, Chemikal,Lee Dagger,Chris Cox, Scott Mann, Dark Intensity, Bisbetic, Alex Preston, DJ Knappy, Promo Only, Loren Chaidez, Symphonic Distribution, Kristy Sevag, Sevag Public Relations, Hugh E. Dillon,Philly Chit Chat, John Moser, Karen Redpath Caravaglia, Thaddeus J. Dziedzic, Tony Luke Jr.,Shawn Winstian, Ramone Alexander, David Fiore, Michael George, Geno Vento, Dan Cronin, Mark Thellmann, Charlene Thellmann, Paul Schrader, Gretchen Johnson Glam, Jeff Bell and our executive producer Pablo Guzman, Krystal Guzman and BrookLynn the wonder dog!

Rebecca and Fiona vs DubVision - Holler Hollow (Mirjami Dirty Disco Queen MashUP) from Mirjami on Vimeo.

This is Video Version DVJ of MashUP made by Mirjami ->

Audio Version is here:

This MashUP is dedicated for All “Dirty Disco Queen” Fans :)

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Tracks Used in Mix:
Rebecca and Fiona - Holler (TV Noise #Remix)
#DubVision - #Hollow

Nude News Preview 19-06-2014 from NudeMuse on Vimeo.

A preview video of the latest edition (19th June 2014) of the Nude-News for Nude-Muse Magazine. This week Celeste conducts a nude interview with Fiona Patten the Leader of the Australian Sex Party, Erin finds some controversial nude artists, and Dannii brings you sport. The Australian Sex Party needs your help by joining them if you like their policies and views. Go to
Members of Nude-Muse magazine will see the full uncut version at

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